Sunday, November 28, 2010

The greatest gift to the world!

I have found that people need LOVE during the holiday season more than any other time of the year!  This is the perfect time to exercise 'Random acts of kindness!'  Now by saying this. I do not mean by donating to your favorite charity -although, that is a great start!  You can practice 'Random acts of kindness' anywher,e anytime.  It doesn't cost anything, and takes no extra time -and the rewards you reap are unlimited!

As you are shopping, give someone the right of way when they are entering or exiting a store -and hold the door open too! Give out compliments to everyone!  The other day, I complimented the bag boy at Publix for doing such a great job bagging my groceries.  You could see him stand a  taller and smile a little brighter.  Throw that dollar into the Salvation Army bucket as you exit the store AND be sure to thank the volunteer who is standing out there ringing that annoying bell, for her time and devotion! Greet the cashier or salesclerk that is assisting you with a loving and positive voice (and call him/her by their name if wearing a name tag.)  They deal with alot of negative, stressed out people all day long -and will be refreshed by a shift in energy!  Reach out to an elderly friend or neighbor -as they are often spending much of the Holidays remeniscing about their past celebrations.  Maybe offer to wrap gifts with or for them, or spend an evening baking cookies!

GIVE out more Hugs than ever before!  People are in desperate need of physical contact!  A hug is a silent way of reaching out to someone and saying "I Love you!"  Heart to heart- no words needed.  When you meet someone -even for the first time, instead of shaking their hands -give them a "Nice to meet you"  hug!  I do this all the time and have never had someone turn me down.  Or try doing so when you part.   By doing this, you immediately establish a 'different' sort of connection- and that person will automatically feel a deeper bond with you -will be more likely to open up, AND walk away with a smile on their face! They will then keep that feeling with them, and will be more likely to spread it to someone else!

Remember -there are so many people in this world that consider this to be a dark, sad, and lonely place.  For these people, the Holiday Season just emphasizes this illusion.  Let us become a beacon of LIGHT for these people!  Let us Shine BRIGHTLY, so that we may reach everyone -even those in the darkest of places!  It is my belief that by doing 'random acts of kindness' we are a reminder that GOOD does exist!  LOVE shall persevere!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

First blog post

Well, here it is. The first blog post on the Openarmsblog, I have done my best to integrate this blog in the main site for the open arms initiative of Elaine Caban.
Basically I am writing this to see how the blogs will be posted and if there is anything that I want to tweak :)
I guess this is enought text to get the genearal idea, so I'm going to preview this and then hit publish.

no need to clarify that this text has little to do with the events that are going to be posted on here lol, therefor this post will probably be deleted ones Elaine takes over the control of this page.

Hope you liked my writing, if not, that's fine, I'm done anyway... (you can tell my wife is the talented writer lol)